It’s a fact. Industry standard genetic selection indexes like JPI and NM$ will change from time to time.

When these index changes happen, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your farm’s genetic plan. Do the new weights that these indexes place on production, health and conformation traits match your goals? Will the indexes rank the genetics in a way that fits your current situation and future plans?

With April 2017 proofs, the JPI formula was updated. From a big picture aspect, the image below shows that essentially five percent of the total weight was removed from production traits and put onto conformation traits. (See full details about the new JPI 2017 here).

Image comparing the genetic index weights on production, health and type traits for JPI 2015 versus JPI 2017

Within the production category, the new formula reduces the weight on protein from 43 to 30. If your farm’s goal is higher production and total components, the new JPI may hinder your progress toward that goal. If you never cull cows for conformation related faults, the new JPI may provide genetic progress in traits that are insignificant in your herd.

In this new era of Alta Jersey, it’s the perfect time to work with your trusted Alta advisor. Set your own, customized genetic plan with emphasis only on the traits that matter to your bottom line. For a no-hassle approach to the right genetics to meet your goals, the Alta JERSEY DRIVEN program will fit your needs.