Know your sexed semen fertility to create more female pregnancies

Alta sires with the 511 CONCEPT PLUS designation yield 4%-9% higher conception rates than the average sexed bull. A 511 CONCEPT PLUS bull earns his title specifically based on real pregnancy check results that confirm his elite conception rate levels as compared to other sexed semen.

As a progressive dairy producer, you can fast track your herd’s future by using sexed semen. And now you can put the odds even further in your favor by using sexed semen from Alta’s high fertility 511 CONCEPT PLUS sires.

  • Create more females from your best genetics
  • Achieve improved conception rates on your Alta 511 sexed semen
  • Increase your heifer inventory for internal herd expansion and faster genetic progress
  • Put the odds in your favor with ideal levels of female sperm cell purity


More heifers and proven sexed fertility performance define 511 CONCEPT PLUS. Combine those benefits with the confidence you gain from genetics tested in progressive dairy environments to maximize your herd’s genetic progress and future profitability.