Number of milking cows: 3100
Milk production: 30.5 L
Average DIM: 179
Pregnancy rate: 21%
Conception rate: 34%
Heat detection rate: 59%
Voluntary waiting period: 50 days
Calving interval: 401 days
Genetic Plan: Production 50 | Health 30 | Conformation 20

Alta Genetics has been supplying superior dairy and beef genetics in Pakistan for more than ten years. With over 22 million cattle, typically averaging 2-4 animals per operation, Pakistan’s cattle population far exceeds that of most countries.

Within the last ten years many modern, largescale dairy farms have been built, drastically transforming dairy farming throughout country. Pakistan is now home to more than 10 farms housing over 3,000 animals. These operations were built with modern cow comfort in mind, and most are managed by Expat management teams

The hot, humid weather spanning all four seasons makes dairy farming in Pakistan a challenge. The extreme summer heat and humidity can negatively impact fertility, sometimes dropping pregnancy rates by as much as 5 to 7 percent. Many farms rely on seasonal winter breeding to increase pregnancies and secure replacement animals for their operation.

In this success story, we visit with Umer Farms, one of the large corporate farms in Pakistan.

Built in 2011, this large dairy operation sits on 30 acres of land and is located in Sheikhupura, Punjab. This state-of-the-art facility is one of the most modern dairy setups in Pakistan. The farm’s management system consists of top dairy experts who have been hired both internationally and locally to see to the health and management of all animals.

The 130 employees are housed on farm to keep up with the best bio security standards in the world. Top dairy specialists in health and nutrition assist as a panel of consultants and work closely with the farm’s management to reach their desired results. Modern dairy equipment with some of the latest technology available is also used on the farm to advance the operation’s success.

Not only does Umer Farms strive to produce the highest quality milk and high production, they also aim to use the best genetics and highest quality semen from the best bulls available in the Alta portfolio.

Working alongside Umer farms for over three years now, Dr. Ahmed Hassouna has helped drive the dairy’s success by selecting the right genetics suited perfectly to their customized genetic plan:

Production 50 | Health 30 | Conformation 20

The biggest concern for Dr. Ahmed has been fertility, since he feels that year-round calving can assist with stable milk production. Dr. Ahmed is happy to share his data to indicate how Alta has helped him achieve his targets and KPI.

“We have been working with Alta for the last 2 years, and we achieved our target by using Alta CONCEPT PLUS semen which has allowed us to create more value on our farm. Alta has created 1.5% more pregnancies than our semen supplier used on farm, which has generated 45 Euro in extra profit per cow per year. We hope to have continued success using Alta in Pakistan.”
Genetics Supplier2015 Conception rates2016 Conception rates
Alta Genetics35%39%
Company A33%35 %

Dr. Ahmed Hassouna is a veterinarian from Egypt. He has worked on many large operations, including DINA Farms and Alexandria farm in Egypt. Outside of Egypt, he has proven his knowledge on farms both in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

  • Average days open: dropped from 186 to 110 days
  • Heat detection rate: increased from 49% to a current 59%
  • Conception rate: currently at 35%, up from their previous 23%
  • 21-day pregnancy rate: at an impressive 21%, up from 11%
  • Calving interval: reduced from 462 days to 401 days
  • Age at first calving: now at 24 months, previously 26 months
Dr. Ahmed Hassona, Farm Manager at Umer Farms in Pakistan