Customize your genetic plan and implement your breeding strategy for maximum returns.

Work with your trusted Alta advisor

We want your genetics to be a profitable investment that transform into the best assets for your future.

When you work with your Alta rep using Alta GPS, you get an integrated solution for maximum ROI.

  • Set your customized genetic plan
  • Choose the right genetics to meet your goals
  • Implement your customized plan in your herd
  • Select from mating options to optimize genetic progress while controlling inbreeding levels
  • Rank your females according to your genetic plan to execute strategic breeding decisions
  • Monitor your return on investment to keep your priorities in focus
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Protect against recessives and haplotypes

Alta GPS accounts for genetic recessives and haplotypes to avoid the potential losses due to mating two potential carriers of the unfavorable recessives.

In Holsteins the following haplotypes and commonly known genetic recessives are included:

  • Haplotypes: HH1, HH2, HH3, HH4, HH5 and HCD
  • Genetic recessives: CVM, BLAD, and BY

For Jerseys these haplotypes are accounted for

  • JH1 and JH2

Position your herd and track your progress

Alta GPS positions your herd genetically so the expected improvement from the progeny of each mating can be clearly seen. Alta GPS has the capability to generate a within-herd female index based on your customized genetic plan for identification of the very best animals. This allows you to make the most strategic use of sexed semen, flushing programs or breeding with beef.

Work with your Alta advisor using Alta GPS to have full control over your genetic plan and strategy for a profitable future.