Genetics won’t make an impact if you don’t first create a pregnancy.  We’re committed to help you make the most of your genetic investment.

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Alta’s high fertility CONCEPT PLUS sires will give you a 2%-5% conception rate advantage over the average sire. This means using CONCEPT PLUS sires will help you create more pregnancies on your dairy.

We choose CONCEPT PLUS as our single means to evaluate sire fertility, so you can be confident that it’s the most accurate sire fertility evaluation in the industry. Using an Alta sire with the coveted CONCEPT PLUS designation will give you the added conception rate boost to make the most of your genetic investment.

The table below compares the standard Sire Conception Rate (SCR) evaluation to Alta CONCEPT PLUS:

Comparing sire fertility evaluationsSCRCONCEPT PLUS
• Based on real pregnancy check dataXX
• Accounts for various factors affecting fertility, including age, month, herd, service number and lactationXX
• Accounts for additional factors affecting fertility, such as technician and breeding code effectsX
• Data is collected from herds in the US and Canada and is not restricted to US herds on official testX
• Ongoing data is collected from herd management software through our partnership with VASX
• Data is only from progressive, large herd environmentsX

Our commitment to improving your herd’s fertility doesn’t stop at CONCEPT PLUS. It is front of mind during the strict processes and quality control checks involved with the collection, packaging and distribution of each straw of semen. Our fertility leadership shows through in the passion of our Alta people to support your herd’s reproductive program.