This unique and intense 5-day course is designed for dairy farm owners and managers. It allows you to learn directly from dairy industry experts in all areas related to dairy herd management. A small class size allows you ask the real questions related to your farm’s situation, and discuss opportunities with other like-minded producers.


Dairy Manager School

Alta’s Dairy Manager Schools are 3-day courses, each focused on one specific area related to dairy herd management. Industry experts present new research and how to go about applying it on your farm. A small class setting allows you to interact with one another, and the expert instructors, so you have tangible takeaways to implement on your farm after the course.


2019 Showcase Tour group photo delivers timely, relevant trainings to progressive dairy farm owners, managers and employees. Expert instructors, representing the leading minds in the industry, lead online trainings in all areas related to dairy herd management. They’ve researched these topics, they’ve implemented them, and they’ve experienced their impact and importance on thousands of cows globally.


Alta ADVANTAGE Showcase Tour

The Alta ADVANTAGE Showcase Tour is a unique opportunity for you to learn and share management strategies with up to 300 progressive dairy producers from around the globe.

Throughout the three-day tour, you will visit some of Alta’s premier partner dairies to see how they implement best management practices on their operations. Evening activities allow you to network and socialize with other like-minded producers, and see how dairying can be done in different parts of the US and the world.