Increase your leadership and management knowledge, improve dairy diagnostic and decision making skills, and learn to identify unrealized profit potential on your dairy.

AltaU is a unique opportunity! As an intense, 5-day course, it’s designed specifically for owners and managers of progressive dairy herds.

Each AltaU session is limited to 18 people in order to ensure an interactive learning environment and optimize the educational experience for participants. All instruction is provided by highly regarded university experts and dairy industry leaders, and is held at the URUS office in Madison, WI.

What topics do we cover in AltaU?

Leadership, Labor Organization & Management
Newborn Calf Management
Replacement Heifer Development
Housing, Lameness & Cow Comfort

Transition Cow Management & Nutrition
Udder Health, Milk Quality & Parlor Management
Reproduction & AI Management

Dairy Records Analysis & Dairy Decision Making
Genetics, Genomics & Genetic Planning
DiSC personality assessments and interpretation

To learn more or to enroll, please email