Monitor rumination, eating, and activity 24/7 with Alta COW WATCH.

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More than just heat detection, Alta COW WATCH provides peace of mind knowing that heats, health and the welfare of your herd are being monitored around the clock.

Your animals’ health and well-being have a direct correlation with their fertility results and milk production. Besides detecting heats, the Alta COW WATCH activity monitor system automatically picks up on signals that tell you about each animal’s health and well-being.

Alta COW WATCH is available in leg or neck tag options, both of which provide real time heat detection information to help you breed your cows and heifers at the proper time. The Alta COW WATCH neck tag also monitors feed intake, while the leg tag monitors standing and lying time. These measures offer early detection of any health problems that may arise so you can be proactive to prevent any decreased milk production and added treatment costs.

Updates and alerts about animals in heat or that need extra attention are delivered right to your smart phone, tablet and/or PC.

Alta COW WATCH combines research of animal behavior management with a focus on creating pregnancies and experience in repro management. That is why Alta COW WATCH is the best choice for you to focus on improving repro management and continuously monitoring cow health and welfare.  All of this is delivered by a trusted company with people who deliver results.

For more information on how you can use Alta COW WATCH as the activity monitor to improve your herd’s repro performance, animal health and welfare, please contact your local Alta representative or find one in your area.

Alta COW WATCH: Repro – Health – Welfare

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