All-natural bovine colostrum – immunity with an extra boost of energy.

We offer colostrum replacers from our sister company, SCCL. The all-natural, dried, bovine colostrum is USDA-approved as a total replacement for maternal colostrum in calves.

Top five reasons to choose CCT products:

CCT provides high immunity

  • IgG molecules are readily absorbed for maximum immune protection
  •  >85% IgG1 – The antibody most effective in protecting calves against diarrhea and pneumonia
  • Broad spectrum of antibodies with demonstrated efficacy in 3 continents


CCT is high in colostral fat

  • An important energy source required by calves immediately after birth


CCT is convenient

  • Mixes easily in under 15 seconds!
  • 3-year shelf life when stored at room temperature


CCT is all-natural bovine colostrum

  • Made from only bovine colostrum; no blood, whey, egg or other ingredients not naturally found in maternal colostrum


CCT is safe and effective

  • Free of disease causing organisms, such as: Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Leucosis, Paratuberculosis (causing Johnes’ disease), Salmonella, E. coli, others
  • Each serial is tested in calves for safety and efficacy
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CCT Packaging Image for Calfs Choice Total Colostrum

Which CCT product should I feed for a total replacement of maternal colostrum?

Both CCT Gold and CCT HiCal can be used to completely replace maternal colostrum. However, their unique features make them suitable for different situations.

  • CCT Gold has relatively a higher percentage of IgG and lower percentage of energy
  • CCT-HiCal has relatively a higher percentage of energy and lower percentage of IgG


Both IgG and energy in colostrum are critical for the calf’s survival during the first weeks of life. For example, in harsh environmental conditions (like extreme cold) the calf will benefit from some extra energy provided by CCT-HiCal. For a high value calf (IVF or ET), where high serum IgG levels are preferred quickly after birth, feeding CCT Gold will benefit the efficiency of IgG absorption. With both products you can adjust the feeding quantity to offer the required amount of IgG in grams.

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